Cocktail Menu



Distiller's Flight - $10
Samples of Tom’s Town’s award-winning spirits:
StrongArm Vodka
Royal Gold Bourbon
Corruption Gin
Barreled Gin

Shoot the Messenger - $10
Tom's Town Vodka, Messenger cold brew, coffee stout syrup

The Pinky Blitz - $10
Tom's Town Vodka, blood orange ginger shrub, ginger beer

Vengeful Toddy - $10
Hot Ceylon black tea, Sri Lankan spices, choice of Vodka or Gin

Rabbit Punch - $10
Tom's Town Barreled Gin, Campari, lemon, black peppercorn syrup

Vote Splitter - $10
Tom's Town Gin, Granny Smith apple, Thai basil, carbonated

Kansas City Kidnapper - $10
Tom's Town Gin, sweet vermouth, dry curacao, cardamom syrup, lime

Crossroads Chi Chi - $10
Tom's Town Barreled Gin, Fernet, dry curacao, cherry, coconut pineapple syrup, lime

Royal Gold Old Fashioned - $12
Classic, Sazerac, or 50K Bet

Nelly's Rescue - $12
Tom's Town Bourbon, cognac, sweet vermouth, apple cordial

Smoking Gun - $12
Tom's Town Bourbon, vermouth, smoked cinnamon agave syrup, lemon

Prickly Pendergast - $12
Tom's Town Bourbon, amaro, pear liqueur, allspice

Craft Beer and Wine Available.